Xenoblade Chronicles X, Known In Japan As Xenobladex, Video Game Developed By Monolith Soft And Published By Nintendo For The Wii U Home Video Game Console. Part Of The Xeno Series Of Video Games, It Serves As A Spiritual Successor To Xenoblade Chronicles On The Wii. The Game Centers On The Player’s Customizableavatar.

In A Similar Fashion To The Original Xenoblade Chronicles, The Game Plays As Anopen World Role-Playing Video Game, With An Emphasis On Exploration.Traveling Can Take Place On Foot, Or In Large Humanoid Robots, Approximately Four Times The Height Of The Average Playable Character, Called “Skells” (“Dolls” In The Japanese Version).

During The Game, The Player Seeks Out And Recovers The Stasis Pods That Were Ejected From The White Whale’S Hull During Its Emergency Landing, Which Land In Various Places Across Mira. In Order To Search For Places With Stasis Pods, The Player Must Expand The “Frontier Navigation” Information System By Installing Data.

The Game’s Battle System Works Similarly To The Battle System Found In The Original Game, With Some Improvements.The “Arts Palette” Returns From The Previous Game. Each Special Attack, Or Art, From The Palette Enters A “Cooldown” Period When Used. This Forces The Player To Wait For It To Fully Charge, At Which Point They.

Xenoblade Chronicles X [Wii] (Size: 6.75 GB)

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