Rise Of The Tomb Raider Game Developed By Crystal Dynamics And Published By Square Enix. It Is The Sequel To The 2013 Video Game Tomb Raider, A Reboot Of The Tomb Raider Franchise. It Was Released For Xbox One And Xbox 360 In November 2015 And For Microsoft Windows In January 2016. It Is Set To Release For Playstation 4 In The Second.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Was Officially Announced In June 2014. The Game’S Storyline Follows Lara Croft As She Ventures Into Siberia In Search Of The Legendary City Of Kitezh, Whilst Battling A Paramilitary Organization That Intends On Beating Her To The City’S Promise Of Immortality. Presented From A Third-Person Perspective, The Game Primarily.

Upon Release, Rise Of The Tomb Raider Received Positive Reviews, With Critics Praising Its Graphics, Gameplay And Characterization. It Was The Best-Selling Xbox One Game During Christmas Week, And Had Sold Over One Million Copies By The End Of 2015. Additional Content Was Also Released, Including A New Campaign, A New Mode, As Well As New.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is A Third-Person Action-Adventure Game That Features Similar Gameplay Found In 2013’S Tomb Raider. Players Control Lara Croft Through Various Environments, Battling Enemies, And Completingpuzzle Platforming Sections, While Using Improvised Weapons And Gadgets In Order To Progress Through The Story.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider [Xbox 360] (Size: 7.30 GB)

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